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November 5, 2008

goddamn it so much…

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No, this isn’t about the new president-elect. I’ve come to admire Mr. Obama, and hope he can live up to the hype and hope. I am remarkably cynical about politics in general, though, so while I say that I hope for the best, I am not looking for it to actually come to pass.

This is about our stupid state. Amendment 2 passed, which amends the state constitution to ban gay marriage.

I have plenty of friends who walk all of life’s different paths. It sucks that they’re being denied the right to marry. I mean, really… if they want to be that miserable, why the hell not let them?

I kid… but only slightly. While I’m not a big fan of marriage myself, I understand that it brings a lot of useful traits with it. There are legal workarounds which can add these, to some extent, but they can all be contested or invalidated by determined hostile parties.

I voted against this turd of an amendment. I’m sorry we didn’t get enough smart people voting against it.

Things like this are why I hate living in the crotch of the Bible Belt.

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