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December 22, 2008

the weekend, in brief

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Quick hits from around the league…

  • Dad’s home from the hospital. Notable only in that he really shouldn’t be just yet.
  • Spent most of the weekend with AB, and it was gloriously domestic. Banana-nut pancakes with chocolate chips for the absolute win.
    • Bacon and nakedness – you’d think they don’t go together, but they do. Really.
  • As usual, something comes up that throws the best-laid plans out the window and skeet-shoots them on their way to the ground. As ever, we will adapt, improvise and overcome. We just won’t like it.
  • I’m on my own here at the fun factory this week. Bossman has leftover vacation days and needs to use them up.
  • Still to do… finish acquiring and/or finding presents for the fole wham damily, wrap, prep for the Xmas-day drive-a-lot marathon, try not to kill anyone here at the fun factory, and oh, yeah, eating and sleeping at some point might be nice.


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