Coffee and cigarettes…

February 2, 2009

rainy days and automatic weapon fire…

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…always bring me down.

Not much to say other than random flashes of thought from the past few days.

* Nothing is quite as frustrating as knowing there’s nothing you can do to improve a situation of your own creation.

* Things have taken a turn for the weird in the weekly D&D extravaganza. One of the party has been captured, and when I attempted to disrupt the capture, the GM exercised fiat for the first time ever and said it failed. He has Plans, I’m sure, but what, I cannot guess. Sucks slightly, though, because it’s Miss Kidd’s character what got captured (though not by any action on her part… it was DM’s wife’s week to run the fighter due to an appalling lack of Miss Kidd presence). Stupid half-elf. Never, ever split the party.

* I wander around outside the Fun Factory while I’m out on my carcinogen absorption breaks. The Fun Factory is located next to a very busy road, so I frequently find roadside detritus, with which I amuse myself by trying to figure out how it could have gotten there. Usually, I’m successful in at least constructing a plausible story. This morning’s find, though, defies all attempts at logic. What was said discovery? The flavor packet out of a pack of ramen. What could someone be doing, opening ramen at 35-50mph — and deliberately tossing the only thing that makes ramen edible in the first place — out a window? I cannot actually contrive a situation where that would make sense to anyone, regardless of actual intellectual capacity.

* Between the Pittsburgh win and a few other occurences, I hereby move that February first, 2009 never actually happened.

* The more I have to deal with the virus infection that managed to breach our supposedly tight internal security, the more I think a death penalty for creating and unleashing malicious code is a good idea. I’m thinking of a bounty system, really.

* The more I look into our supposedly tight internal security, the more it becomes apparent that we got hit mostly because someone was lazy and didn’t let their inner paranoia guide them in configuring said defenses. Not scanning files on access, only on modification? Kinda like having sex with a cheesecloth condom.

January 14, 2009

16 things about little ol’ me…

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The following is something of a difficult memesheep adventure, as I am by nature an exceedingly private person.

  1. I have a limited form of synesthesia (inputs to one sense trigger sensations in others). For example: Purple smells like vanilla, which is a favorite scent of mine. I can feel the sound of stringed instruments up and down my spine like light fingernails. Sadly, the reverse of both of those is not true.
  2. I have never broken a bone. The worst injury I’ve ever sustained was a ‘broken’ ankle, which was more that the cartilage in the joint got shredded.
  3. I’m a complete lactose addict. A day without milk products is a private form of hell.
  4. I have set foot on all seven continents – though my visit to Africa was measured in hours and I never saw the outside of the airport. I accomplished this without benefit of a passport.
  5. My greatest fear is going either blind or deaf. Just the thought of being either of those will induce a panic attack.
  6. I talk to my maternal grandfather every day. He died almost ten years ago.
    6a. Sometimes, he answers.
  7. (No surprise to some…) I have Asperger Syndrome. I wasn’t formally diagnosed until I was 28. I didn’t share this information with anyone else until I was 33.
  8. Someone can insult me all day long and I won’t care, but compliments of any kind cause me to pray for lightning to strike me instantly dead.
  9. I use humor to hide that I am a dreadfully boring person.
  10. Despite the fact I love to cook and to eat, I forget to do so at least twice a week.
  11. When I was in second grade, I was listening to a book-on-tape through headphones and tried to talk to the kid next to me. Due to the headphones (the old ear-covering huge ones), I wound up being quite loud as I tried to hear myself speak. This caused the teacher to yell at me, in front of everyone for several minutes, for being too loud. I didn’t speak at all for almost a year afterward, and to this day I have to make a conscious effort to speak above a whisper.
    11a. As far as I know, the teacher never realized what she’d done.
  12. The most awful thing I can think of to wish on someone is that they live in perfect health, forever.
  13. The only justification I have ever used for anything I’ve done in my life is “because I can”.
  14. I lose respect instantly for anyone who blames others for their own shortcomings. Likewise, I only respect those who admit their faults and work to overcome them.
  15. I have a near-photographic memory. I consider this a curse, because it gets harder and harder to experience something new in life, when everything you do reminds you of something you’ve already done before. As if that weren’t enough, every memory is equally weighted – five minutes ago is just as current as fifteen years back. To give you an idea of just how fun that is: when someone asks me for my phone number, I have to consciously evaluate which one of the 12 I’ve had in my life is my current one.
    15a. However, my retrieval system is going faulty – my mental records clerk has developed ADD and Alzheimer’s, which means I can’t always remember something right when I want to do so, and often wind up remembering something wildly unconnected yet somehow relevant instead. I actually think this is why I haven’t yet gone insane… as far as I know, anyway.
  16. I made a list of the proverbial Three Wishes when I was six. In thirty years, I’ve never had cause to revise them.
    1. To have just enough money to not worry about the bills, but not enough that it would change who I am.
    2. For stupidity to be painful, and that the pain be proportionate to the stupidity in question – i.e. little dumb things would be like bumping your shin, and major stupidity be like being gutshot.
    3. A good set of ear plugs.

December 18, 2008

strange luck, stranger fate…

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Long-time readers of my random scribblings will recognize this from back in 2000, when I originally scrawled it out in a fit of insomnia-powered rambling and posted it to a couple of the writing groups I was involved with at the time as sort of a “holy crap, dude, life just kicked me in the ass” thing.

For the rest of you… I present one of the few reasons I’m willing to tolerate this time of year. It reaffirms my belief in real magic, fate, luck and the fact that little things often have bigger results than anyone’s biggest or best efforts.


November 18, 2008

overachiever’s anonymous

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We’re in the homestretch for the fall term, and three out of four tests are complete in my Biology class. Through the miracle of extra credit, I present the following test results:

Test 1: 102 (not much extra pointage available on this one)
Test 2: 114 (highest in the class, due to scoring a couple of bonus EC points beyond the usual available amount by writing a blurb in the margins on the way fingerprints are made in the dermis)
Test 3: 117 (Curse you, trochlear nerve, for eluding me at test time and depriving me of a perfect-including-EC score. Curse you!)

Combine those with the 100% for the lab portion of the class (aka the “participant ribbon”, since you basically just have to show up to get this one), and I have a grand sum of 433 points, out of 450 necessary to get an A for the term.

So, apparently, for the final exam I basically just need to show up, have a pulse, and spell my name correctly… statistically speaking, I could Christmas tree the test itself and get enough points to get the A.

On the one hand… woohoo, the GPA remains unthreatened. It also remains ever so slightly imperfect… {shakes tiny fist in rage at the lone B on the transcript, a leftover from high school dual-enrollment classes}

On the other hand, it’s somewhat amusing that this isn’t my best result. Last year in Advanced Crime Scene Tech, I managed to garner enough extra credit throughout the term to take a Mulligan on the final and still walk with the A.

And on the gripping hand, I’m so not the type to do this. It just tickles me to know that I can.

From the study guide for this test, it looks like there’s about 15 extra points possible. Given the last test is on the endocrine and circulatory systems (and also given my somewhat pathological obsession with blood’s interesting properties and my fascination with the glandular systems), I think most of these will be mine.

It’s really a pity they can’t put plusses on transcripts. They wouldn’t need to buff the GPA… they’d just look awesome.

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