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November 18, 2008

overachiever’s anonymous

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We’re in the homestretch for the fall term, and three out of four tests are complete in my Biology class. Through the miracle of extra credit, I present the following test results:

Test 1: 102 (not much extra pointage available on this one)
Test 2: 114 (highest in the class, due to scoring a couple of bonus EC points beyond the usual available amount by writing a blurb in the margins on the way fingerprints are made in the dermis)
Test 3: 117 (Curse you, trochlear nerve, for eluding me at test time and depriving me of a perfect-including-EC score. Curse you!)

Combine those with the 100% for the lab portion of the class (aka the “participant ribbon”, since you basically just have to show up to get this one), and I have a grand sum of 433 points, out of 450 necessary to get an A for the term.

So, apparently, for the final exam I basically just need to show up, have a pulse, and spell my name correctly… statistically speaking, I could Christmas tree the test itself and get enough points to get the A.

On the one hand… woohoo, the GPA remains unthreatened. It also remains ever so slightly imperfect… {shakes tiny fist in rage at the lone B on the transcript, a leftover from high school dual-enrollment classes}

On the other hand, it’s somewhat amusing that this isn’t my best result. Last year in Advanced Crime Scene Tech, I managed to garner enough extra credit throughout the term to take a Mulligan on the final and still walk with the A.

And on the gripping hand, I’m so not the type to do this. It just tickles me to know that I can.

From the study guide for this test, it looks like there’s about 15 extra points possible. Given the last test is on the endocrine and circulatory systems (and also given my somewhat pathological obsession with blood’s interesting properties and my fascination with the glandular systems), I think most of these will be mine.

It’s really a pity they can’t put plusses on transcripts. They wouldn’t need to buff the GPA… they’d just look awesome.


  1. *snicker* Again with the adorkable. This makes me a little wistful about my own overachievement tendencies. Wistful and a little kick-in-the-pantsy which is good since I’ve manage to procrastinate writing 500 little words (okay, some of them might be bigger words) for months now.

    Also – why are you awake? Seriously?

    Comment by EV — November 18, 2008 @ 5:59 am

  2. I could ask you the same thing, missy.

    Comment by techrat — November 18, 2008 @ 9:40 am

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